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About BPI Express Gift

Delight your loved ones with BPI Express Gift cards!

BPI Express Gift is the electronic gift card that can be used in the widest selection of merchant choices. Your loved ones can choose any gift they desire, whether it is from their favorite boutique, gadget store, bookstore, coffee shop or restaurant everywhere in the Philippines.

1. Accepted for payment at any MasterCard® affiliated establishment in the Philippines
2. Select the color of your choice – Tangerine Champagne or Celeste Crystal
3. Load as low as P300 to as much as P10,000
4. Can be used for multiple transactions until balance reaches zero
5. Convenient loading through BPI electronic channels
6. No PIN required for purchases, only signature of cardholder is needed
7. Access to BPI’s 24/7 Hotline 89-100 for emergency card blocking




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