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The Basics of BIR Tax Payments

Pay your BIR Tax Payments in 4 easy steps!
Step 1: Enroll Your TIN
Access BIR website at From the eFPS logon
page, click on "Enroll to eFPS" option.
Step 2: Await Enrollment Confirmation
Complete the Enrollment Form with the required information, then click the "Submit" button.Wait for an email from BIR within 3-10 days for the status/confirmation of your enrollment.
Step 3: Enroll your BIR TIN in BPI Express Online
After receipt of BIR's e-mail confirmation, you may then enroll your BIR TIN in Express Online (details in the next tab).
Step 4: File Your Returns Online
Once enrolled in the eFPS website, tax returns can be filed electronically.
Note: You need to e-file your taxes through the BIR eFPS website before making a payment.
Step 4: Make The Payment
After a successful e-filing of tax returns, pay your taxes immediately online!
Note: You have 7 calendar days from e-filing to pay through his nominated settlement bank.

Enrolling your BIR TIN

Step 1: Log-in to your account. Go to:
Payments & Reloading tab and select Bills Payment -> Enroll All Other Bills

Step 2: Select your ATM Card Number and input your Joint Account
Indicator (JAI). Choose Bureau of Internal Revenue (eFPS) as the merchant then enter your Tax ID Number (TIN).
You must encode your 12-digit Tax Identification Number (TIN) in the reference number field without any dashes.
Step 3: Once you have completed your e-filing through the BIR eFPS website
and enrolled your TIN in the Bills Payment facility, you can already pay your taxes through Express Online.

Pay through BPI Express Online

Step 1: Go to:
Payments & Reloading tab and select Bills Payment -> Government Institutions-> BIR

Step 2: Choose the e-filed tax return you want to pay, then click "Details".
Choose the account number where the payment will be debited from and click "Submit"
Note: A confirmation page appears after a successful payment. This serves as the reference of your transaction.

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• How to pay your bills
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