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Am I ready for a Personal Loan?

Before you take the next step in getting a personal loan, take some time to honestly answer the following questions:

Do I really need a Personal Loan?
Is the loan for something you need or just nice to have?
Is the need immediate or can wait until you have saved enough to pay for it?

How much loan do I really need?
Just get the right amount for your intended purpose. Borrowing more than you need means more interest payments that could otherwise go to your savings.

How much can I comfortably set aside to pay for my monthly installment?
As a general rule, keep your installments within 20-30% of your take home pay.

Where should I take the loan?
Choose the bank that offers flexible, affordable and convenient ways to pay back your loan. Always remember that getting the money is just the beginning of your entire borrowing experience.

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Am I ready for a Personal Loan?
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