Through the Sustainable Energy Finance (SEF) Program, your company can avail of financing opportunities that will allow you to invest in technologies aimed at improving the efficiency of energy generation, energy distribution and energy use. Sustainable energy projects include energy efficiency modifications and renewable energy technologies.

Such technologies can reduce operating and energy expenses by at least 30% - which means savings that goes straight to your company's bottomline. This is also an opportunity to lessen carbon emissions which greatly contribute to the worldwide issue of global warming.

Our team can help you …

  • Identify opportunities for energy savings within your company's operations
  • Choose appropriate technologies for your energy efficiency project or new building construction
  • Calculate potential energy and cost savings from recommended system upgrades or installation
  • Evaluate existing project feasibility studies for renewable energy technology
  • Link up with technology vendors, suppliers and consultants
Product Essentials:

The Bank of the Philippine Islands offers you the following Sustainable Energy Financing options for your investment:

Working Capital Financing for purchasing of raw materials and consumables such as light bulbs, cooling refrigerants and other short term financing needs.

Capital Expenditure Financing for financing fixed asset acquisition: new plant or building construction, for expansion or modernization, acquisition of machinery and equipment such as cooling systems.

Leasing is a method of paying for the use of an asset over a specified period of time. It is an alternative mode of financing an asset compared to outright purchase or borrowing. Any type of asset can be leased as long as it is durable, identifiable, insurable and has a good secondary market and reliable after sales support.

Industrial machineries such as generators, compressors air conditioners and manufacturing equipment can be leased through the SEF Program.

Who could benefit from Sustainable Energy Finance?

BPI SEF makes it easy for the following businesses to undertake sustainable energy projects:

  • Industrial / Manufacturing Companies such as those into Cement, Semicon/Electronics, Food/Meat Processing, Bottling/Brewery, Ceramic/Glass, among others.
  • Equipment Vendors/Integrators
  • Agri-business and its allied industries:  piggery, poultry, livestock, post-harvest concerns like milling, food processing, etc.
  • Developers of Sustainable Energy Projects such as for Wind, Hydro, Solar, Biomass, Biogas
  • Other businesses with:
    • Buildings / Facilities that are more than 5 years old – This includes office buildings, malls, hotels, hospitals, schools, among others.
    • Planning to construct new buildings and are interested in utilizing energy efficient equipment and technology
    • Renewable Energy Project

If you’re looking for more affordable, effective, and eco-friendly power solutions, then it’s time that you take part of the action. Call BPI Corporate Banking at +632 8455373, 8455809, 8455855; or email to get your company started on Sustainable Energy Finance now!

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