Learn more about BPI's Express Deposit Machines
Deposit Your Cash anytime, real-time
Deposit your cash without the assistance of a branch teller! A first in the country, the Express Deposit Machine is an online deposit facility for BPI, BPI Family Savings Bank and BPI Direct cardholders which allows actual cash deposit with real-time credit to account.

This machine accepts cash in P100, 500 and P1000 denominations and is credited to your account IN AN INSTANT.

As proof of your Express Deposit transaction, you get a transaction receipt.

No forms to fill up. No need to put your cash in an envelope . Use BPI Express Deposit Machine to do your cash deposit transaction.

To make a deposit transaction is easy. Follow these simple steps.

1. Insert your card. 1. Select Cardless Deposits.
2. Select desired language. 2. Select desired language.
3. Select"Express Deposit" 3. Select bank and account type.
4. Select deposit account type.
(Savings or Accout)
4. Enter 10-digit Card Number.
5. Choose if you want a receipt or not. 5. Enter 2-digit Joint Account Indicator (JAI)
6. Insert Cash (P1,000, P500, P100) 6. Insert Cash (P1,000, P500, P100)
7. Press Add Cash, Deposit and Return 7. Press Add Cash, Deposit and Return
> Deposit - When this key is pressed, the machine will proceed with the deposit transaction.
> Return - When this key is pressed, all cash will be ejected from the reject unit slot.
> Add Cash - When this key is pressed, it allows customers to add bills to the deposit transaction.
With the BPI Express Deposit Machine, you can now deposit your cash with ease! You can do it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without having to wait for a bank teller to assist you. Convenience at its best.
Aside from real-time deposits, the BPI Express Deposit Machine can also provide the following services:
1. Balance Inquiry
2. Funds Transfer
3. Bills Payment
4. Prepaid Cellphone Reloading (Globe and Touch Mobile)
5. Prepaid Card/ Express Cash Reloading
*PIN required for all transactions noted above.
BPI Express Deposit is ready to serve you
24 hours, 7 days a week .