Various Standard Bank Codes That Can Be Used As A Valid Bank Identifier Code

1. Bank Codes Used
a. Swift Code 8 or 11 characters

Preferred code to be used for all beneficiary banks worldwide especially if the wire payment is bound outside USA and if an intermediary bank (where the beneficiary bank maintains a nostro account / settlement account) is needed.
b. Fedwire 9 digit code preceded by an “FW”

FEDWIRE routing number also known as ABA Routing Number would always be used for US Domiciled Banks that are nature smaller financial institutions.
2. Specific Requirements for Various Countries
* If you are sending funds to banks in the following countries please request your beneficiary to provide you with relevant routing codes/account number applicable to his account in the countries listed below. Hereunder is a simple guide on what you should supply to your BPI Branch.
a. United Kingdom Sort Code: SC + 6 Digits
b. Australia BSB Number: AU + 6 Digits
c. Canada Transit Number: CC + 9 Digits