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Our Statement of Purpose

WE BELIEVE in the central role that private enterprise plays in economic development.

WE BELIEVE that our corporate mission is to be the leading private financial institution in the Philippines in terms of professional competence, service quality, responsible corporate citizenry, and overall growth and stability; and to be an established ASEAN financial institution with a creditable worldwide outreach.

WE BELIEVE that we have a responsibility to manage the business for the maximum benefit of our customers while adopting the highest standard of integrity; to offer the widest possible range of financial services that is responsive to their needs; and to adopt an objective attitude towards change and innovation, ever mindful of improving service quality and operating efficiency.

WE BELIEVE that we have a responsibility to develop the potential of our employees to the fullest by providing an environment conducive to their personal and professional growth; and to foster a value system held in common throughout the institution in order that we may all share a coherent sense of purpose and direction.

WE BELIEVE that we have a responsibility to attain, over time and within exacting standards of prudent management, the highest possible return on the investment of our shareholders.