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Inward Remittances

You have 4 ways of remitting money to the Philippines:

Direct Credit to Account

This is the fastest, most affordable, and safest way to send money to the Philippines. We have an online, real-time credit-to-account remittance with free text alerts to the remitter and beneficiary, available in all BPI Remittance Centers worldwide. You can also remit funds (in Philippine Pesos or USD) to any BPI, BPI Family Bank or BPI Direct* account and have it credited to your beneficiary's account within 24 hours. Your beneficiaries can immediately withdraw the remittance proceeds from any of more than 1,600 Express Teller ATMs nationwide!

* BPI Direct currently credits remittance only in Philippine Pesos.

Branch Pick-up

If your beneficiary has no BPI/BFB/BPI Direct account he/she can claim the remittance proceeds from your preferred BPI or BPI Family Bank branch.

Door-to-Door Delivery

BPI can deliver your remittance to your beneficiary's doorstep within 24 hours for Metro Manila residents and from 48 to 72 hours for provincial residents.

Credit to Other Bank's Account

If your beneficiary has an account with another commercial bank, BPI can forward your remittance within 48 hours to the head office of his bank. The other bank's head office, in turn, will credit this to the particular branch where your beneficiary's account is maintained.




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