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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is BPI e-Credit?

BPI e-Credit is a virtual credit line that's part of your BPI Express Credit MasterCard but assigned with a different account number, to protect your regular card number in virtual environments like the Internet and WAP.

2. What is the extent of protection I will receive on the Internet and WAP with the use of the BPI

Your BPI e-Credit account's assigned credit line is only a sublimit of your BPI Express Credit Mastercard account with a value up to 50% of your total BPI Express Credit Mastercard credit line. This way, when you use your BPI
e-Credit on virtual environments, you do not expose your entire credit line.

3. What is my BPI e-Credit limit?

Your BPI e-Credit limit is initially pre-assigned with an option to either reduce or increase the absolute amount when you see it necessary. Standard Value of the Credit Line of the BPI e-Credit Account : 50% OF REGULAR LIMIT OR P50,000 WHICHEVER IS LOWER.

4. How does the BPI e-Credit credit limit work?

E-Credit is for virtual payments. You can think of e-Credit like your S.I.P. (Special Installment Plan), you can assign separate credit line for as low as P5,000 within your BPI Express Credit MasterCard Regular credit limit.

For example, if your total credit limit for your BPI MasterCard is P140,000.00:

S.I.P. limit - P40,000
Regular limit - P100,000

e-Credit limit P50,000 (this is still part of your P100,000 regular limit)

This means you can charge e-purchases up to P50,000 to your e-Credit line. Each time you use your e-Credit, you also reduce your BPI Express Credit available regular limit; if your BPI Express Credit MasterCard charges exceed P50,000, your available e-Credit line is reduced as well. You may choose to increase or decrease your e-Credit limit according to your online purchasing needs for as long as it does not exceed 50% of your total credit line or P50,000 whichever is lower.

5. How do I request for an increase/decrease of my e-Credit limit?

Simply call BPI Express Phone 89-100 and talk to a Phonebanker to request for an increase/decrease in your credit limit

6. Will I be given a card for my account?

Yes, you will be given a Reference Card for your BPI e-Credit. The Reference Card will carry information similar to your BPI MasterCard but with NO hologram, NO magnetic stripe, NO signature panel, and NO embossed printing. That's why you cannot use your BPI e-Credit Reference Card to make purchases in regular stores. It's just there to help you remember your e-Credit account number when you're shopping online.

7. How much is the annual fee for BPI e-Credit?

It's FREE with your regular BPI Express Credit MasterCard.

8. What do I do if my BPI e- CREDIT reference device is lost or stolen?

Simply call BPI Express Phone at 89-100 and we will provide you with a new BPI e-Credit account number and Reference Card.

9. Will I continue to earn Frequent User Privilege points with my BPI e- Credit?

Yes. For every P35 purchase using your BPI e-Credit, you will earn 1 Frequent User point.

10. Will my supplementary cardholders also get a BPI e-Credit?

Yes -- for FREE for as long as your supplementary cardholder also maintains and uses BPI Express Credit MasterCard supplementary credit cards. In the same way that your supplementary cardholders share your BPI Express Credit MasterCard Regular Limit, they share your BPI e-Credit limit as well.

11. Can I view and pay my BPI e-Credit Balances online?

Yes. Simply log on at www.bpiexpressonline.com and enroll your regular BPI Express Credit MasterCard account. No need to enroll your e-Credit account separately. Upon confirmation of your enrollment, you may start to view and pay your balances online.

12. Will I get a regular Statement of Account by mail?

Yes. Your BPI e-Credit transactions will be reflected in your regular statement of account. You will receive a consolidated statement of account together with all your other regular transactions.

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