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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is the minimum payment required?

The minimum payment required is 5% of all retail transactions plus entire Special Installment Plan amortization for the month. Any amount past due and in excess of the total credit limit form part of the minimum payment required and should be paid in full.

2. How do I compute for Interest Charges?

Interest charges on regular purchases is computed by multiplying the applicable finance charge rate depending on the card type with the average daily balance (ADB).

The ADB is determined as follows:

a. Multiply the previous statement balance with the number of days that the amount is outstanding or unchanged.

b. Whenever there is payment, deduct the payment from the statement balance and multiply with the number of days from the payment date until the next statement date or statement date.

c. Sum up the balances computed and divided with the number of days from the previous to the current statement to arrive at the ADB.

Interest charges on Special Installment is computed by multiplying the total amount availed by the applicable interest rate, depending on the term. Monthly payment shall first be applied to interest then to the principal using the diminishing balance method.

3. How do I know my statement date and payment due date?

Please refer to your statement of account which specifically states the statement date and payment due date.

You may also check by sending BALCC(space)16-digit Card number to 2274 for Globe/TM
or 3274 for SMART/Talk n Text.
Ex: BALCC 6280567823457890

4. When do I get the Statement of Account?

Please expect your monthly statement of account be sent to you after 12 days after the statement date. If you do not receive your statement of account, please call BPI Express Phone 89-100.

5. How do I pay my BPI Express Credit Card?

All your BPI Express Credit cards are consolidated in one statement of account thus no separate payments are needed for your various BPI Express Credit cards.

If you have a deposit account with BPI or BPI Family Savings Bank, simply enroll your credit card/s at your branch of account and you can pay through any of the following:

a. BPI or BPI Family Savings Bank ATMs

b. BPI Express Phone Facility

c. Online via testarea.bpiexpressonline.com

d. BPI Express Mobile

Auto-Debit Arrangement (ADA) - a facility that allows you to automatically settle your outstanding balance in full or minimum by debiting your account.

Payments may be made at any BPI or BPI Family Savings Bank. For check payments, please make checks payable to BPI, followed by Customer No. written at the first page of your statement.

6. How do I avail of the cash advance transaction?

Cash advance is a facility that allows you to get cash anytime using your BPI Express Credit Card. It can be availed at over 1,500 BPI ATMs nationwide and 1.2 millon Cirrus-affiliated ATMs worldwide.

To avail of this facility, you must first nominate a Personal Identification Number (P.I.N.) at a BPI Express Banking Center. Contact 89-100 (Metro Manila) or 1-800-188-89100 (domestic toll-free # where available) for the list of BPI Express Banking Centers near you.

Each cash advance transaction is subject to a minimum fee:
- For withdrawals up to P7,500, P300/transaction
- For withdrawals more than P7,500, 4% of amount withdrawn

7. How do I report any error or questions about my bill?

Any inquiries, errors or disputed transactions in the Statement of Account should be reported immediately by calling BPI Express Phone 89-100.

8. How do I report a lost card and request for its replacement?

Report a lost or stolen card immediately by calling BPI Express Phone 89-100. The line is open 24 hours everyday.

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