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Merchant Card Acceptance Services

We understand your needs for fast and reliable card acceptance services to boost sales and enhance customer service. Global Payments Inc. (NYSE: GPN), a leading worldwide provider of payment technology services, and Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), a leading universal bank in the Philippines, has formed a joint venture to provide merchant acquiring and payment services in the Philippines.

Under the terms of the agreement, Global Payments holds a 51 percent majority interest in the joint venture, and BPI holds the remaining 49 percent.The BPI and Global Payments joint venture delivers customer-driven payments innovation on a global scale with local expertise through a full spectrum of competitive payment solutions for merchants to capture every sales opportunity

One-stop Solution

The joint venture provides all-in-one merchant services, ranging from sales authorization and processing to funds settlement and transaction reporting. We enable you to accept Visa®, MasterCard®, JCB®, UnionPay, American Express®, Diners Club® and all Philippine issued debit/ATM cards.

Faster Funds Settlement

As a unique advantage to BPI customers, the payment is directly and promptly credited to your BPI company banking account, improving your cash flow and giving you greater flexibility.

More Product Choices

We offer a variety of cutting-edge payment solutions that perfectly suit your day-to-day card acceptance and operational needs, including mobile payment solutions, wider coverage of interest-free installment plans with multiple banks, online payment gateways and dynamic currency conversion services.

Reliable Merchant Support

We offer a 24/7 transaction authorization hotline, dedicated merchant services hotline, on-site staff training and responsive technical support to give you real full-service payment support at all times.

Complete Reporting

We offer comprehensive, web-based reporting tools that enable you to have online access to transaction, payment, settlement and chargeback information so you can better manage your business.

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Key Acceptance Channel
POS Solution – provides you with card acceptance device for face-to-face transactions
Online Solution – enables your customer to make a purchase anytime and anywhere
Batch Processing – offers you with recurring payment service to save time and resources

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