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Correspondent Banking Services

Correspondent Banking provides credit, deposit, collection, clearing and payment services to bank financial institutions in major parts of the world.

BPI is hailed as a Philippine Bank leader in payment processing and is a major Provider of funds transfer services for Correspondent Banks worldwide. If you are a bank financial institution searching for a local treasury settlement solution, Trade Direct Settlement or Retail Payment Services, our comprehensive payment Services have been designed to address your requirement.

As the best rated bank in the Philippines by the Moody's International Credit Rating agency and with BPI's vast network of 827 branches and over 1,400 ATMs nationwide, BPI is the preferred partner and the bank of choice of major international banks to provide them with quality wire payment and other correspondent banking services. BPI has established a strong multi currency relationship with most of the highly reliable G7 international banks.

We offer competitive pricing and convenient cut-off times as well as a diverse contact channel to address the requirement of your clients.

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