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Trade Finance

World trade and international business move at a frenetic pace, that is why you need a fast and reliable partner bank for your needs.

BPI is your strategic partner when it comes to your trade finance transactions, global funds transfer needs and international payment solutions.

Now, BPI makes it easier for you with eForms you can download for all your import and export transactions:

Letter of Credit Issuance
- LC Application (323KB)
Letter of Credit Amendment
- LC Ammendment (548KB)
Bank Guaranty Application
- Bank Guaranty (368KB)
- BG Letter of Undertaking (221KB)
- BG Indemnity Letter 1 (38KB)
- BG Indemnity Letter 2 (157KB)
- Trust Receipt (264KB)
- Bill of Exchange (Imports) (5.84MB)
- BG Cancellation Letter (451KB)
Trust Receipt Financing
- Bill of Exchange (Imports) (5.84MB)
- Trust Receipt (264KB)
Trust Receipt Amendment- Conversion to Php
- Addendum to TR (138KB)
Export Bills Purchase
- Transmittal Letter (587KB)
- Letter of Indemnity for EBP (136KB)
- Bill of Exchange (Exports) (5.85MB)
Export Bills for Collection
- Transmittal Letter (587KB)
- Bill of Exchange (Exports) (5.85MB)
- DA-OA BSP Reg (116KB)
- Application to Purchase Foreign Exchange (340KB)
- Direct Remittance Application (249KB)
- Application to Purchase Foreign Exchange (340KB)

With Trade Finance @ BPI, you can transmit your funds from the PHILIPPINES to anywhere around the world on time, on target, and on course.

On time.

Direct SWIFT interface from our International Operations Department (IOD) Head Office and key Business Centers (i.e. Binondo and Cebu) IMEX System to the SWIFT correspondent bank system.

Cheaper overall charges versus money transfer and other local and foreign bank branches.

Longer processing window with cut-off time of 3PM for trade payments.

*Subject to hours of operation, time zone differences and applicable restrictions.

On target.

You can depend on us to give quality service in all stages of your trade transactions. Because we value customer partnership, BPI continues to receive awards for being the Best Trade Finance Bank in the Philippines.

On course.

Trade Finance@ BPI is hassle-free and is always on the right track. When you need to send funds overseas, simply ask your friendly New Accounts Assistants or Branch Officers about it or contact our International Operations Customer Service at 8169979, 8169455 and 8455417.

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