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Funding & Guarantees

When it comes to business, the more options you have, the better. We present you with more choices alongside our home-grown products and services. We work in direct link with government financing conduits such as the BSP, DBP, LBP, SSS, SBGFC and LGUGC to offer funding and guarantee facilities to SMEs, multinational and other corporate borrowers. These facilities are available to a number of industries among which are production, storage facilities, distribution, services, agribusiness, transport, import/export, logistics and environmental.

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BSP's Rediscounting Facility
DBP Funding Facilities

Industrial Guarantee Loan Fund (IGLF)

Industrial Support & Services Expansion Program (ISSEP)

Japan Bank for Industrial Cooperation (JBIC)

Domestic Shipping Modernization Program (DSMP)

Environmental Industrial Support Credit Program (EISCP)
Landbank Funding Facilities

Countryside Loan Fund: Credit Support for the Environment, Agribusiness, Small & Medium Enterprises Program (CREAM)

Countryside Loan Fund (CLF)
SSS Loan Facility
Local Government Unit Guarantee Corp. (LGUGC)
Small Business Guarantee & Finance Corp. (SBGFC)

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BSP'S Rediscounting Facility
The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas can fund up to 80% of your promissory note for short-term financing , with fixed interest rate for the entire term.

Open to borrowers of all industrial concerns, regardless of asset size and loan amount, this facility was further enhanced by BSP by allowing electronic enrolment, processing and approval. Now called "E-rediscounting", the rediscounting of your short-term promissory notes is made remarkably quick.

DBP Funding Facilities
In collaboration with the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP), the following facilities are available to the named industries :

Industrial Guarantee Loan Fund (IGLF)
For SMEs with a maximum asset size of P100M engaged in Manufacturing and services (schools, hospitals & hotels), this instrument can fund up to 90% of your loan.

Industrial Support & Services Expansion Program (ISSEP); Japan Bank for Industrial Cooperation (JBIC)
This is open for organizations with asset size of at least P200MN, engaged in manufacturing, storage product distribution, transportation & logistics. Both your working capital (temporal or permanent) needs and capital expenditures (expansion/renovation/construction of facilities, upgrade/replacement/additional machinery & equipment) may be financed under these programs.

Domestic Shipping Modernization Program (DSMP)
If you are a transport and cargo shipping (transport vessels & port development) entity or maritime school, the DSMP fund can support your financing needs.

Environmental Industrial Support Credit Program (EISCP)
Go green. Make use of the EISCP window to invest in environmentally-sound operations. Finance your operational and capital assets that affect reduction of waste and conservation of energy through this program.

This facility is open to all types of industries including schools and services and excluding those engaged in extractive industries and trading of luxury items. This is an option for needs that go up to as high as P350 M and is available for all SSS member-employer in good standing.

Local Government Unit Guarantee Corp. (LGUGC)
Are your revenue generating projects financed via long term loans by banks? If you are a local government unit, state university, local water district, electric cooperative or private companies engaged in the use of renewable energy, the LGUGC may grant cover for your loans.

Small Business Guarantee & Finance Corp. (SBGFC)
Do you need a guarantor for your loans used for working capital and purchase of machinery and equipment? If you are an SME with maximum asset size of P100M and engaged in manufacturing, retail and wholesale trading and agribusiness, we can arrange a guarantee from SBGFC.

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