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BPI Family Ka-Negosyo Business Loan

To drive your expansion plans, our business loan can be customized to your size of business, budget, and financing purpose. We can help you with:
Business expansion
Working Capital
Purchase / construction / renovation of condominium unit / residential property for lease
Purchase / construction / renovation of commercial property
Purchase of Fixed Assets and Equipment
Refinancing of existing commercial loan / mortgage

BPI Family Ka-Negosyo Credit Line with ATM Card

Recurring short-term needs
Unexpected investment opportunities
Payment to suppliers
Bridging financial gaps
Purchase of inventory
Access your funds easily – withdraw via ATM here and abroad, issue checks, swipe in the Express Payment System (EPS), and transfer funds online or through mobile.

BPI Family Ka-Negosyo Franchising Loan

Get started on a franchise business today. To make it easy for you to set-up a franchise, our franchising loan comes in lite and with no collateral options.
No franchise brand yet? Choose from the Ka-Negosyo Best List Brands - our expert-evaluated list of the best franchise brands today.Not only are they trusted franchise brands, they also have financially-sound franchise models that provide thorough marketing, training, and operations support to would-be franchises. Plus, take advantage of affordable Ka-Negosyo franchising loan deals exclusive for these brands.
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Loans & Lines of Credit
If you are a large corporation, medium-sized company or small business enterprise, our Corporate Banking Relationship Managers can package a loan which will address the following needs:
Financing for your expansion and investments, such as:
Purchase/construction/renovation of a commercial or industrial property
Acquisition of a fixed asset such as new or upgraded equipment and machinery to improve production capacity
Bridging the gaps in your working capital requirements for :
Local or imported raw material inventory
Financing your importations
Financing your export production
Financing your new projects
Refinancing of existing loans
Purchase of Domestic checks , foreign drafts and export bills
Depending on your requirements as well as our evaluation of your business , the loan can vary as to type of facility(straight loan or credit line), denomination (local or foreign currency), security (clean or secured), term (short or long-term) and interest repricing (fixed or floating rate).
We accept the following collateral for our loans:
Peso and foreign currency deposits
Government securities
Real Estate(vacant lot or with improvements)
Acceptable shares of stocks
Standby Letter of Credit issued by a domestic or foreign bank
Assignment of export letter of credit/Purchase Order/Sales Contract
We also grant clean loans based on our assessment of factors like the company's financials, transaction risk and the industry it is in.
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Short Term Loan (STL)
Term Loan (TL)
Trade Credit Facilities
Other Credit Facilities
If you need a specific amount of funds which you expect to pay within a prescribed time period, we offer straight loans which may be short-term(payable within 365days) or long-term (more than 365 days).
    Short Term Loan (STL)
    An STL is granted for a specific requirement which you can pay within a prescribed time period. Our STLs have a term of less than 365 days.
    Term Loan (TL)
    If you need funds to construct a building or plant, purchase additional property or equipment or invest in a new product line, we offer term loans at competitive rates, with floating or fixed interest rates. The loan is payable either through monthly, quarterly or semi-annual installments.
    For long- term funding requirements, our BPI Capital can syndicate the loan for you.
For recurring working capital requirements, we offer credit lines for a variety of purpose. The lines mature in one year and are renewed annually. Loan availments are done through 360-day promissory notes(PNs)
    Trade Credit Facilities
      Export Advance Line (EAL)
      These are loans intended to finance production of goods for export. Availments are generally covered by an assignment of export letters of credit and/or purchase orders and such advances are paid out of the proceeds of export shipments negotiated through the Bank.
      Import Letter of Credit/Trust Receipt (LC/TR)Line
      If you are an importer in need of working capital , the Bank can give you an Import LC/TR line. Interest rate is floating and reviewable every 90 days. Principal and interest are payable upon Import Bill/ Trust Receipt maturity.
      Export Bills Purchased Line(EBPL)
      If you are an exporter in need of working capital , the Bank can also purchase your export documents so you can get credited for the export proceeds without waiting for your buyer's payment.
      "For other trade-related products and services, please open link on Trade Finance".
    Other Credit Facilities
      Revolving Promissory Note Line(RPNL)
      The RPNL is a standby facility for your short-term working capital requirements. Drawdowns against the line have a term of up to one year and are payable upon maturity of the Promissory Note. Interest is charged only on amounts drawn against the line.
      Bills Purchased Line (BPL)
        Domestic Bills Purchased Line
        The Bank can purchase your domestic checks (local/regional/clearing) anytime if you have an approved Domestic BPL . Maximum term of the line is 1 year.
        Foreign Bills Purchased Line
        The Bank can purchase your foreign drafts and export bills anytime if you have an approved Foreign BPL. Maximum term of line is 1 year.
      Sugar Quedan Financing Line(SQFL)
      If you are a sugar trader in need of working capital financing, the Bank can give you a SQFL via short-term Promissory Notes supported by a pledge of quedan.warehouse receipts and/or real estate mortgage. Maximum term is 360 days.
      Guaranty Line
      A guaranty line will accommodate the financing requirements of your employees , such as auto and housing loans, through our subsidiary, BPI Family Savings Bank, or enable you to provide them with corporate credit cards through our Credit Card Dept.
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