Discover BPI Express Teller ATM Basics

Ready to Serve You 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A BPI Express Teller ATM not only provides instant access to your cash anytime, anywhere but also offers banking flexibility so you can do your banking transactions easily. With over 2,100 ATMs situated nationwide, complete control of your finances is now within your reach.

With our multipurpose ATM you can do the following:

Cash Withdrawal
Fast Cash
Account Balance Inquiry
Funds Transfer
Bills Payment
Cash/Check Deposit
Cardless Cash/ Check Deposit
Provide Special Services facility that includes:

Globe, Touch Mobile Prepaid reloading

Express Online and Express Mobile enrollments activation

PIN change

Bills Payment can now be done through our ATMs. Before using this bills payment facility, you must enroll your merchants through:

Branch of account
BPI Express Online (under Bills Payment Facility)
BPI Express Phone

Instant Access to your bank wherever you are.

The BPI Express Teller ATM card's fully loaded features can be accessed not only through the 1,900 Express Teller ATMs nationwide, but also through other ATM networks. You can access selected services locally through Expressnet, Bancnet, Megalink and internationally through Mastercard's Cirrus' ATM network*. Reasonable rates are charged when these facilities are used.
*Note: Activate your international ATM access by calling 89-100 for Metro Manila or 1-800-188-89100 for domestic toll-free calls (where available). For international calls or where the domestic toll-free number is not available, you may dial +632 8910000.

All transactions of BPI Express Teller ATM cards done at any BPI or BPI Family Savings Bank Express Teller ATM are FREE OF CHARGE.

Transactions done at non-BPI ATMs have the following fees:

Withdrawal - PhP

Balance Inquiry - PhP

Transactions done through international Cirrus access have the following fees:

Withdrawal - US$

(USD 3.50 for withdrawals LESS THAN USD 175.00;
2% of the amount withdrawn for withdrawals of AT LEAST USD175 )

Balance Inquiry - US$

Denied Transaction/s - US$

(due to exceeds withdrawal limit, insufficient funds, etc.)

Cash When You Need It - Daily Withdrawal Limits

As part of its security feature, cash withdrawals on your BPI Express Teller (BET) ATM card are covered by limits.

A. Daily withdrawal limit is as follows:

BPI Express Teller BLUE Accounts PhP

BPI Express Teller GOLD Accounts PhP

Dollar Account US$

B. Minimum withdrawal amount per transaction in Express Teller ATMs:

BPI and BPI Direct Accounts PhP

BPI Family Savings Bank Accounts PhP

C. Maximum number of ATM withdrawals per day :

To fully use the services of our ATM card, you must first activate your PIN. Just follow these quick and easy steps!

Look for your system-generated temporary 4- digit PIN. It can be found on the carrier underneath the card.
Go to the nearest ATM within 2 days from receipt of card to change the system-generated temporary pin.

Please take note that:

- The PIN is the customer's electronic signature which enables the issuing bank to identify its cardholder. Therefore, customers must NOT share their PIN with anybody, not even with bank personnel.